Flexible plans and tools for all of your lending needs.

We understand that every lending endeavor is unique, and that's why we offer a range of flexible plans and tools to cater to a variety of sector and needs. Our ecosystem of solutions, including FinX, Tulip, and Kiipr, is designed to empower your lending initiatives securely and efficiently.

Explore the costs associated with each tool to find the perfect fit for your specific needs:

FinX - an integrated loan management solution

FinX, the most powerful loan management solution available on the market, streamlines all of your lending operations, providing a comprehensive solution that ensures efficiency, security, and an intuitive user experience.

Starting at $1249 / month

  • Dedicated hosting infrastructure, SOC 2 certified, designed to evolve and adapt easily
  • Underwriting module including instant bank verification
  • Electronic signature service
  • Loan and transaction management interface
  • Collection system
  • Automatic notifications sent by text message and email
  • Tracking of available renewals
  • Periodic updates, continuous optimizations, and annual security analyses

Kiipr - a progressive credit bureau

Make clearer lending choices with kiipr, your destination to verify the non-institutional borrowing records of your clients.

Based on Volume

  • Credit history
  • Verification of pending applications with non-institutional entities
  • Analysis of non-institutional financial commitments
  • Payment transaction archives
  • Additional important data for the financial profile assessment

tulip - empowering better financial habits

Our AI-powered app guides users to adopt healthy financial habits based on their financial behaviors. tulip helps users achieve long-term financial goals with tailored advice.

Launching in spring 2024

  • Financial well-being dashboard
  • Self-assessment tool
  • Personalized coaching
  • Financial progress tracking

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