Data safety

Our commitment to keep your data safe

Our data safety measures are at the forefront of our priorities, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your sensitive information.

Flovver securite

The reliable safeguards of your data.

Your trust is paramount, and we take the responsibility of safeguarding your data seriously. At flovver, we continuously strive to exceed industry standards, providing you with a secure and reliable environment for your financial interactions. Your data safety is our commitment, and we stand resolute in ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable information.

Our certifications

As part of our commitment to the highest standards of data safety, Flovver is actively pursuing SOC II compliance. This certification demonstrates our dedication to the secure handling of your data across various aspects of our operations.


SOC II certification assesses and certifies service providers' security and confidentiality controls.

Flovver certification kpmg logo v2

Pentest KPMG, 2023 & 2024

IT security assessment carried out by KPMG to identify potential vulnerabilities and risks in an organization's systems.

Flovver certification aws logo v2

AWS developper

Specialized in building and managing applications using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services.

Peace of mind

Your financial information is handled with the highest standards of security, ensuring a trustworthy and protected environment for all your transactions and interactions within our platform.