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At flovver, we have big ambitions. We can count on a solid team and great technological assets to make our goals become reality. If you see yourself shaping the future of finance through new models and technologies, flovver will feel just like home.

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Will you be the next talent at flovver?

Since 2020, flovver has been simplifying the loan application process through a secure and automated technological platform, promoting ethical and accessible financial growth for all.

flovver is constantly evolving, ready to welcome new talents who share our vision and values, so that we can bring to life the wide range of positive opportunities that accompany better sharing of wealth.

Why choose flovver?

We offer much more than just a job opportunity. We provide you with a flexible working environment with development opportunities designed to foster your personal and professional growth.
Career opportunities

Join an outstanding team and contribute to shaping the future of loan technology.

We are constantly seeking individuals from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds.
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We are proud to be part of the Montreal FinTech Station

In our 100% remote work model, flovver offers you flexible and privileged access to our offices at the FinTech Station Montreal, a great solution to collaborate in an inspiring and fully equipped working environment.

We are committed to creating a positive social impact

flovver acknowledges the significant impact of ESG considerations on the financial landscape and has chosen chosen to embrace these principles as fundamental pillars of our business model.
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