Impact plan

Sharing wealth as a driving force for ESG innovation.

We believe in the transformative power of better lending and wealth-sharing practices. To reimagine financial solutions that not only drive positive environmental and social impacts but also adhere to the highest governance standards.


Brake lending barriers

Our commitment to inclusion extends beyond traditional barriers, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to access the financial resources they need to thrive.


Increased resilience

Resilience is essential not only for navigating today's dynamic financial landscape but also for creating enduring positive impacts. We help businesses provide superior customer experiences while maintaining full control over their lending practices.


Enhanced financial litteracy

We are dedicated to the development of progressive financial technologies that embody best practices in financial literacy. Through our proactive AI-driven coaching model, we support borrowers with the knowledge and the actions steps to drastically improve their financial well-being.

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Our vision

A 5-year roadmap to better sharing wealth.

Year 1

Empowering financial literacy and ethical practices.

flovver takes a holistic approach to responsible finance by offering personalized financial education tools for lenders and borrowers. Thorough due diligence on potential lending partners and fostering a culture of integrity and transparency within our organization aims to solidify our commitment to responsible and ethical financial practices.

Year 2

Innovative solutions to drive social responsibility.

We are committed to pioneering change in the financial landscape by developing alternative credit assessment models that transcend traditional credit scores. Aiming to actively collaborate with local communities and NGOs, we want to identify individuals in need of financial services, while monitoring borrowers' credit portfolios in a proactive step we take to identify signs of over-indebtedness.

Year 3

Transparent practices and improved social Impact.

We actively seek partnerships to access low-cost funds for micro-lending, ensuring financial accessibility for all. Committed to responsible lending, our tailored financial education programs and technologies will of cater to vulnerable communities. Environmental criteria will seamlessly integrated into our lending evaluations, reinforcing our dedication to sustainability. Our established feedback loop drives continuous improvement based on user needs, shaping our product developments and ESG engagements for a relevant and long-lasting impact.

Year 4

Advocacy, inclusivity, and environmental stewardship.

flovver will take a proactive stance by advocating for responsible microfinance regulation through the thoughtful design of financial products that address the unique needs and challenges of vulnerable groups. Embracing environmental stewardship, we invest in initiatives that contribute positively to conservation efforts, aligning our financial endeavors with clear sustainability goals. We aim to become advocates for positive change, inclusivity, and environmental well-being.

Year 5

Financial innovations for the greater good.

We pioneer the advocacy for new regulatory frameworks, ensuring fair lending practices and actively contributing to the development of an equitable financial landscape. We engage in industry discussions to shape responsible lending standards that prioritize the well-being of borrowers, embodying our commitment to innovation for positive change. Our dedication to responsible finance underscores our mission of financial innovation for the greater good, fostering a positive impact on both individuals and the broader financial industry.

Impact plan

Lending as the driving force for positive social and environmental changes.

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Our journey towards an ideal.

In our pursuit of reshaping the lending landscape, we realize that we have much to accomplish. Perfection isn't possible, we however aspire to set new standards, challenge the status quo, and redefine the possibilities within lending and beyond. We embrace innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity, understanding that through the unforeseen challenges brought on this journey, we will learn a lot. Our passion for positive impact is relentless, and our commitment to making sharing money accessible to all is beginning now.