Pricing Guide for Non-Included Services

Additional development requests on your finX platform

A $250 estimation fee will be applied to all new requests according to our criteria. This fee will be refunded upon acceptance of the quote or if we are unable to process your request.

This measure aims to optimize our developers' time by prioritizing high-value requests, thereby contributing to the continuous improvement of our platform.

I. Billability Criteria

Which criteria determine if a task is billable


This includes any modification that cannot be performed through the settings available in the product's administration interface.

Example: Changes at the source code level or adjustments to the database architecture that cannot be managed via existing admin tools.

Workflow change

Modifications that alter how existing processes function within the application.

Example: Changes to the sequence of operations or user interactions that may impact other integrated features.

Request specific to your business

Request that are only relevant to your business, having no appeal or utility for our general clients base, and do not have potential to increase our recurring revenue or enhancing client retention.

Example: Specific integrations with systems or processes exclusive to your company.

Requests related to third-party integrations

This includes any modifications, fixes, or enhancements involving external services
that your application interacts with.

Example: Integration with UTM codes, external APIs, or adjustments needed to support third-party software changes or updates.

II. Cost Criteria

Which criteria determine the cost of a task

Project scope and sustainability

Costs are based on the anticipated total effort of our team, including planning, development, and long-term maintenance.

Possibility of increasing recurring revenue gains

For feature requests with potential recurring revenue, the following steps occur:

  • Negotiation with potential partners
  • Evaluation of return on investment
  • Assessments of potential interest from other clients
  • Figuring out the portion of development costs we can absorb
Note: If the feature generates recurring revenue, development fees may be waived, but these steps still apply. This may cause a preliminary delay before the start of feature development, which can vary significantly.

Functionality already developed for another client

When a feature previously developed for one client is requested for another, a fixed implementation cost and/or a recurring fee will be charged. The cost is influenced by:

  • The level of customization required for integration into a different instance
  • The proportion of development costs we initially absorbed
  • The maintenance demands of this feature


If you need a feature or improvement earlier than planned on our roadmap, extra charges might apply. Adapting a feature for a single client differs significantly from implementing it for everyone.

III. Timeline Criteria

Which criteria determine the timeline and the delivery of a task

Available human resources

As we manage and develop complex software, our development team is continuously engaged in creating and maintaining functionalities and responding to client custom requests. While we strive to incorporate your requests into our pipeline, please understand that we cannot halt our planned projects.

Number of clients who can benefit from this feature

If multiple clients will benefit from the same feature, we prioritize its development accordingly. This also means taking additional time to plan its implementation in a way that maximizes its utility across various users.

Level of improvement the feature brings to our solution

The significance of the improvement that a feature brings to overall operations. Features that substantially enhance efficiency or provide substantial operational benefits are prioritized to ensure faster deployment.

The complexity of the request

Complex requests that require extensive planning, modifications to key parts of the application, and the involvement of senior developers will naturally require more time. These tasks are meticulously scheduled to uphold quality and functionality, which may result in potential delays.

IV. Request Process

Steps to perform a request

Send your request

Please send your request to

This email address is directly linked to our ticketing and management platforms and is the only authorized channel for submitting requests.

Evaluation of Billability

We assess whether the request is billable based on our billability criteria.

Acceptance of Evaluation Fees

Estimation fee of $250. These fees will be refunded upon acceptance of the quote or if the request cannot be processed.


Cost evaluation.

Acceptance of Estimation and Execution

Once you accept the estimate, work will commence according to our timeline criteria.