All your lending operations, under one platform.

FinX offers a comprehensive, all-in-one loan management system designed to streamline and simplify every aspect of the lending journey.

  • Automatic profile collection

  • Validation systems

  • IBV

  • Credit history

  • Evaluation reporting

  • eSignature

  • Amortization table

  • Payment collection

  • Deposit management

  • And more...

Flovver solutions finx v2

A robust end-to-end loan management solution

We streamlined the entire lending process through a comprehensive solution that meet all lending requirements. With finX, lenders can make data-driven decisions for a seamless and reliable loan management experience.


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    For lenders

    Streamline your processes, reduce risks, and enhance efficiency. Benefit from real-time insights, robust security measures, and seamless integration, ensuring a superior lending experience.

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    For businesses

    Transform your business with flovver's tailored loan management solutions. Accelerate access to funds for your customers, unlocking sustainable growth opportunities while staying ahead in a competitive landscape.

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    For funds

    Maximize the potential of your portfolio by ensuring an efficient deployment of capital while minimizing risks and maximizing returns.


Discover why finX is the best loan management solution available.

Benefit from a powerful lending ecosystem that come together in a user-friendly platform to ensure a seamless experience for both lenders and borrowers.
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Application management

Handle loan applications from start to finish with FinX, streamlining the application submission and validation, all through our intuitive dashboard.

  • Collection of financial information

  • Application form

  • Customer profile

  • Validation system

  • Intuitive dashboard

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Underwriting management

Enhance your underwriting capabilities by leveraging finX to assess risk and ensure a smooth lending process.

  • Credit history review

  • Query evaluation system

  • Automatic document validation

  • Evaluation report

  • Electronic signature system

Loan management

From loan terms to payment schedules, our solution provides one streamlined loan management process. 

  • Establishing the terms of the loan

  • Amortization table

  • Deposit management

  • Automatic transaction processing

  • Statement of account

Flovver solutions finx loan loan managemet data en

Perception management

Gain valuable insights on your borrower's payment habit, ensuring a nuanced understanding of loan performance for effective perception management.

  • Loan status

  • Alert system

  • Tracking module

  • Automatic account suspension

  • Payment defaults management

Flovver solutions finx managementreport en


View the performance of your loans in real-time.

  • Loan reports

  • Transaction reports

  • Various lending reports

Flovver solutions finx ecosysteme v3

Fast growth through collaborations

With its many advanced features and multiple integrations, all lending relevant technologies can expand their reach through our ecosystem. Get in touch with us, let's become partners.

Make it yours.

Whether you're a startup looking for flexibility or an established institution seeking advanced features, our adaptable lending framework ensures a personalized approach.

Customer area

Take advantage of a personalized customer area to improve user experience.

Personalized emails

Benefit from personalized emails sent directly from our lending servicing platform.

Custom contract

Personalize contracts sent to your clients, which will be generated automatically for each loan request.

Personalized dashboard

Take advantage of a personalized dashboard to quickly access relevant information.